Sunday, May 7, 2017

Albert Ellis - Rational Emotive Therapy

This is a video of Albert Ellis (1913-2007), creator of Rational Emotive Psychotherapy (RT). Out of the three demonstrations, Fritz Perls, Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis, Ellis is my favourite! His therapy is direct, clear and can be confrontational but it works quickly and profoundly.Albert Ellis has always been a favourite of mine. He seems to be able to get to the heart of the situation (but does not often spare the client's feelings!). To find out more about this extraordinary psychotherapist and his work, visit this website:

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Increasing Human Population

Sadly, the more the human population increases, the more other species which share our planet are decreasing in numbers, many to the point of extinction. This is because other creatures need virgin land to survive. They are hunted for many reasons, our need for land to grow plants and raise domesticated animals reduces their precious habitat, and mining cuts through their areas with large vehicles on fast roads that cause numerous painful casualties. They can suffer from pollution, infections and fires, their lives are a struggle for food and water and shelter. As the human population grows, our seas become polluted with plastics, fish eat the plastic and enter the human food chain, contributing to our ill health. Toxic waste enters our air by incineration causing breathing problems and the soil becomes contaminated by buried rubbish. As all 7 billion people are aiming for fridges, cars, all kinds of cosmetics and other chemicals, we need some international agreements to limit, polythene, polystyrene, and other non biodegradable substances.
United Nations statistics and information:
More information on this link:

Friday, May 5, 2017

Low Self Esteem

There are many causes of low self esteem. It is a largely unrecognised condition that controls your life, reduces your enjoyment of life, causes you to not succeed in life, either in the work environment or in personal relationships. Especially, you might allow yourself to be badly treated by other people - or treat other people badly - and you might not be ambitious for yourself or your children. You might not realise just how low your self esteem is. Working to improve your self worth is something you can do for yourself. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chief Seattle 1854

“Yonder sky that has wept tears of compassion upon my people for centuries untold, and which to us appears changeless and eternal, may change. Today is fair. Tomorrow it may be overcast with clouds. My words are like the stars that never change. Whatever Seattle says, the great chief at Washington can rely upon with as much certainty as he can upon the return of the sun or the seasons. The white chief says that Big Chief at Washington sends us greetings of friendship and goodwill. This is kind of him for we know he has little need of our friendship in return. His people are many. They are like the grass that covers vast prairies. My people are few. They resemble the scattering trees of a storm-swept plain. The great, and I presume -- good, White Chief sends us word that he wishes to buy our land but is willing to allow us enough to live comfortably. This indeed appears just, even generous, for the Red Man no longer has rights that he need respect, and the offer may be wise, also, as we are no longer in need of an extensive country.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


This is a common condition. They are your work colleagues, your family and friends, your neighbours and others than you come into contact with throughout the day. The condition is often abbreviated to NPD, the shortened form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We all have some aspects of these personality traits, especially when we are upset or under stressful situations. If you would like more information, visit:

Monday, May 1, 2017

Lester R Brown - A New World View!

The worldwide transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is under way.

As fossil fuel prices rise, as air pollution worsens, and as concerns about climate instability cast a shadow over the future of coal, a new world energy economy is emerging. The old economy, fueled largely by coal and oil, is being replaced with one powered by solar and wind energy.

The Evolving Energy Transition

Night Terrors

Night Terrors usually occurs in childhood and children often grow out of them but they can occur during adulthood. This type of frightening dream occurs in a particular time during the sleep cycle. Sometimes, during this period, the person might cry out, scream or shake, they might shout or lash out. They might also get up during their sleep and walk around, as though they are awake, but they are in fact, fully asleep. They can often be triggered by a stressful experience. In children, they should be allowed to take their course, in adults, they might require a relaxing bedtime routine, sleep without interruption from outside noise. For more information, visit: 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is often shortened to PTSD. It can occur following an accident, a crime, a bad experience of any kind. Anyone can suffer from it if the stresses are great enough. It can have physiological and psychological causes, such as sleeplessness, nightmares, panic attacks, free floating anxiety, tearfulness, loss of memory, feelings of anger, depression and distress. If you would like more information about this illness, visit:

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Coping Skills

Helplessness, anger, feelings of being out of control are common following emergencies. Depression can also follow, exhaustion and can compound the situation. Stressed minds only come to stressed conclusions. Get into nature, see friends and speak to them about your problems, seek professional advice and take it. Buold you own immunity to stress during quiet times, prepare for the worst but hope for the best. 

Friday, April 28, 2017


The Baha'i religion was founded by Mizra Hasayn Ali in Iran and this faith has now spread across the world. It is both peace-loving and humanitarian and it praises equality and kindness. There are no clergy, rites or sacraments and there is an emphasis on caring for all species, and for the planet, hence vegetarianism. If you are fascinated to learn more, please visit the archives here on this link:

Thursday, April 27, 2017


A Rabbinical mystical Philosophy of ancient origin and handed down by word of mouth, the Qabalah (sometimes spelt Kabbalah or without the 'h' in either spelling) refers to the Creative source by four letters, YHVH, often pronounced as Yehovah, as the name of god was too holy to be spoken. The source is shown as a diagram, a glyph, called the 'tree of life', with ten aspects, from the physical world to the immaterial. These ten aspects, known as sephirot or containers, are, at their highest, altruistic and are required for an ethical life and show the importance of truth, compassion, justice, serenity, wisdom, charity, joy, trust, commitment, and other spiritual values which create a living, thriving tree which provides fruit, materials for building, etc., for the whole of the community. In the teaching, these spiritual values also bring health, wellbeing, respect and honour. They can be reversed by those who wish to devote their lives to evil and would represent lies, sadism, injustice, narcissism, etc., and represent a tree which bears only self serving uses. No-one would ever wish a new horn baby to grow up to be greedy, hurtful or self-serving. We all want that child to have a loving disposition and treated with care, kindness and respect. The Qabalah is a way to understand how to live a life with beauty, productivity and to make the world a better place. It also explains how to understand other people, and assess their integrity. Find out more by following this link to more reading material:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Autogenic Training

I found this a good video on the topic of Autogenic Training. It explains the advantages of the technique. If you are listening to the recording, please ensure you are not interrupted for 20 minutes while you perform the meditation. Never operate machinery or drive while performing meditation. Autogenic Training is a powerful relaxation method which should ne conducted each day for best results. Let me tell you a story: A Russian envoy, Count Kayserling had insomnia. He asked Johann Sebastian Bach to compose music for him to help him sleep. The Count called upon Johann Goldberg to play on the harpsicord a new Bach composition. Immediately the Count fell asleep. This piece of music is known as the Goldberg Variations. In the 1970s, a Bulgarian scientist, Georgi Lozanov, studied this piece of music and found that it slowed down the bodily processes. Vivaldi, Telemann, Corelli and Handel also had a similar effect. 60 beats per minite is the desired tempo. 

A Better World is Possible

Circle Network Book Review: A Better World is Possible by Bruce Nixon, ISBN: 978-1-84694-514-4 Published by: O-Books as Paperback: £14.99 and E book: £8.23 409 pages Author’s website where you can download your free ebook:

Bruce Nixon is a veteran change agent, activist, writer, speaker, facilitator and business school teacher and he is passionate about sustainability, global justice, inclusive democracy and non-violence. In this comprehensive book, he brings all his knowledge and experience into the analysis of the state we are in, how we got here, and – more importantly – how we can turn things around and create a new and positive society by facing “the biggest challenge in our history”.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dr Robin Wood - The Green Shift

Dr Robin Wood is a Change Agent (otherwise known as an innovation specialist). Here he is speaking on the Information Channel 212 on Conscious TV about 'The Green Shift' - invites us to transcend and transform our lives through ownership of our future. 60% of people are living in cities, yet cities are places of pollution and waste. Stop - feel - question! By bucking the current system, we can become an explorer, researcher and activist and examine our choices and become responsible for a collective and sustainable future. He has been a Fellow at the Centre for Management Development at London Business School and at the Institute for Coherence and Emergence and is now working in 35 countries on four continents to increase 'thriveability' in business management.


There is free information online from websites and from Dr Wood's award winning books:
'The Great Shift - Catalyzing the Second Renaissance'
The Trouble with Paradise - A Humorous Enquiry into the Puzzling Human Condition'  
'Lifeshift 2020' 

Shamanic Guided Journey

A popular guided meditation as per modern shamanic insight and wisdom. Do not operate a vehicle and ensure you are not interrupted for the duration of the journey. Beginning with a relaxation prior to the guided journey. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saving Planet Earth

Most people feel powerless to do anything to save our planet from global warming, pollution and over population by humans, that decreases all other species, sometimes to the point of extinction.
However, even the smallest change, when a nation gets involved, can make a huge change. 

These are the major daily household pollutants: convenience plastic and polystyrene packaging; synthetic clothing with nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc.; plastic microbeads in toothpaste and cosmetics; wet wipes and nappies. Add to this cell phones, palm oil, air travel, nuclear disasters and accidental oil spills, deforestation, and you can understand how our unique and finite planet struggles to maintain its wellbeing, the wellbeing that we are all dependent upon, approaching 7 billion now and many more billions in the future whose health will definitely be affected. 

We can live simply, leaving a light footprint on our world. We do not need to see our worth in terms of the accumulation of material objects. We can see ourselves in terms of our worth to other people in great need across the world, and to other species that are dependent on our understanding. We can be the person we are born to be without material possessions and see others not in terms of their material wealth but judge them by other more mature criteria. Our life can be about who we are as an individual in our own right, our personality and character, and understand others likewise. For more information: Visit

Global Sale of Fur at an All Time High!

Top fashion models, such as Naomi Campbell, who do not get out of bed for less than a £10,000 daily fee at one time pledged they would never wear fur and would rather go naked. But 400 of the world's up-market designers are using animal pelts for fashion on the cat-walks of London, Paris, Milan and New York, dressing high paid models in furs costing five figure sums. The UK fur market has more than doubled with Britain's leading fur retailer, Hockley, increasing sales by 44% in its London store over the past ten years. Mulberry, Gucci, Fendi and others are stocking winter collections. London is now the fastest growing market in Europe and sales in Asia are booming at £3.7 billion per year. World sales in fur reached £10.3 billion last year. Goods made in China using cat fur, raccoon dog fur, rabbit fur and mink are on sale labelled as 'synthetic fabric'. We are being conned into animal cruelty. Many of these animals are skinned alive in China. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Great Transition

The energy transition is here! As fossil fuel resources shrink, as air pollution worsens, and as concerns about climate instability cast a shadow over the future of coal, oil, and natural gas, a new world energy economy is emerging. The old economy, fueled largely by coal and oil, is being replaced with one powered by solar and wind energy. 


From 2,500 years ago, there is an ancient story od a young man who was the son of a chieftan. The chieftan's wife had a dream of an elephant when she was pregnant and they suspected this would be a powerful child. The young man's name was Siddartha Gautama of Nepal and he was spoilt and protected. Whilst out one day, he saw a beggar by the side of the road and he realised that he knew nothing of the world and its harsh realities. He left home and travelled widely, asking questions and seeking truth, often starving himself in renunciation, without achieving anything. Eventually, he stopped his travels and seeking and sat under a tree, relaxed and meditated. In this way, he became 'enlightened' and free from the trappings of this world, in acceptance and contentment, and in finding a middle way between asceticicism and hedonism. He also created 8 challenges, called the Noble Eightfold Path, of Right Views, Intent, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort , Mindfulness and Concentration. Four Truths accompany these laws: that life involves suffering; that suffering is caused by our desires; that ending our desires will end suffering and the way to end desire is to practice the 8 challenges.In addition, there are 3 trainings of concentration, morality and wisdom.  The philosophy spread across South East Asia and now to the world. It offers a viable alternative to the many problems that beset human life, relationships and the problems that beset our planet which other religions ignore, much to the peril of those who will inherit a world of gross pollution and illhealth. For more information on Buddhism, visit:

Gaia - Our Planet Earth

The Piping Plover draws predators away from her nest by feigning a broken wing. Dogs follow the direction of our gaze, chickens are measurably upset when they see their chicks buffeted by the wind, mosquitos can do simple addition and subtraction and sticklebacks identify individuals and remember them! Is this not a planet of unrecognised intelligence, creativity and abundant life! We live on an extraordinary, finite and unique planet. In 1979, the British scientist and NASA consultant (and perhaps the most well known environmentalist), Professor James Lovelock, suggested that our planet is a living being, that breathes, lives in every living species, and will one day die. He named his study of the planet, the Gaia Theory, after the Greek Goddess of the Earth. James Locklock wrote the book 'Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth which is highly recommended to readers of Mind Body Spirit Magazine. The ecology of our planet must be the New Age paradigm and James Lovelick was fifty years ahead of his time in noticing the interdependence of all species on each other and the importance of protecting from pollution our seas, air and soil.  Visit the website:

Friday, April 21, 2017

Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow (1980 - 1970) was born in New York and was the son of a Russian Jewish immigrant. He is one of the founding fathers of human potential and peak experiences. He studied the Native American culture and taught psychology at Broklyn College and was part of the humanistic psychology movement with Margaret Mead, Alfred Adler, Erich Fromm, Karen Horney and other visionaries of the era. He worked at the Esalen Institute where he was one of the principal mentors in the 1960s. He did not study mental illness, but believed that the study of healthy individuals gave the greatest potential for growth and development of the individual. He was interested in 'self actualised' people, those who are exceptionally healthy, fulfilled and successful, who are balanced, calm, loving and just. His work influenced business, management, marketing, education, health care, and theology. More to discover on this link:


 We are learning from the ancient tribal peoples - age old wisdom - that we must care for what we have or we will lose it. Shamanism is the original form of contact with nature spirits for the health and wellbeing of individuals and the tribe. All who heard the voice of God, prophets, sybils, seers and others, such as Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, were the equivalent of shamans. Eco shamanism is about listening to the nature spirits and caring for and protecting nature. Our unique and finite planet is in danger due to humankind's use of resources, and lack of awarerness with regards to how we dispose of toxic substances. Protecting the seas, the soil and the air is now a priority as is conserving the biodiveersity of our planet where every species relies on each other. 

Information about shamanism on this link:

Earth Dance

Elisabeth Sahtouris is a highly qualified evolutionary biologist and environmentalist, whose work mirrors that of James Lovelock. For more information:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ear Candling

Ear and Body Treatment Candles

The background: Having had a variety of occupations, I am now established as a therapist, healer, teacher, writer and translator, all of which have grown organically out of each other.  My first incarnation was as a secretary many moons ago and as I became more competent in French I started translating.  This led me to writing texts, proof-reading in English and finally to teaching English which I have done since 2003, holding a Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults.  I am presently head of the English-language department at an evening school for people with limited budgets.

Throughout my young life, my parents and I were rarely ill and if we were, it was nothing serious and our general practitioner sorted it out.  It was only towards the end of my mother’s life that I began to realise that allopathy was not the answer and I am sure her last couple of years could have been greatly improved through other methods.  My leap into complementary therapies came not long before she died in 1988 and I took a diploma course in reflexology with the Bayly School of Reflexology.  It was then that I discovered ear treatment candles and started using them on my work colleagues.  They were pleasant but nothing special, or so I thought.

Starting up: Moving to London in 1989, I visited the Healing Arts Exhibition and found lots of information about complementary therapies.  Around that time I worked on reception in a clinic specialising in colonic irrigation and began to think about the candles again.  Nobody else seemed to be selling them (I started out as a distributor rather than as a therapist), so I contacted the manufacturer of the largest brand and became the official UK supplier.

With a friend who knew as little about them as I did, I took a stand at the Healing Arts Exhibition in 1991 where we demonstrated the treatment and sold candles.  It didn’t seem to matter that we were totally clueless because the public was massively enthusiastic about a brand new healing method; something different from the usual fare served up year after year at most complementary health exhibitions.  The great thing was that practically nobody had ever heard of them before so our lack of expertise went unnoticed.

One or two visitors did talk about candles they made themselves and others told us of candling as a folk remedy handed down in their families.  These were mostly people from the Mediterranean basin and Latin America although I have since met people from other places (Mongolia, the Philippines, for example) who also know about candling.

We did quite a lot of major exhibitions in London and further afield in the early 1990s and many of our customers would come back year after year, some of them with quite amazing stories, which got me looking a bit further into the art of candling.  Having written publicity materials for myself and for friends, it was just a short hop to writing my first book in 2003 and the rest is history, culminating in my latest book, Candling for Optimal Health, which is a very major update on my first attempt.  Since its appearance in May 2014, I have discovered several new uses for the candles, so I can’t possibly say this is my last word on the subject!

Background to professional courses: In the early days there were no courses to teach people how to candle properly and it was in 2007 that I did a day with a trainer in the UK before starting to teach for her school.  A couple of years later, I developed my own course as I wanted to concentrate more on candling in relation to the body’s energy system, rather than to deal only with the physical benefits, although of course these are many, varied and frequently lasting.

What do the candles do? The major benefit from candling is the stimulation of the immune system because a healthy immune system keeps us fit and strong.  As to how candling works to achieve this is part of its uniqueness.  Not only does it stimulate the immune system but also the acupressure points in the ear; it is relaxing; ideal for stressed patients who, although they have to get up and travel home, invariably have an excellent night’s sleep after a treatment.  When we understand that six of the major energy meridians (important in Chinese medicine) start or end between the nose and the ear we can understand how the energy, stimulated by the candles, can circulate throughout the body.

How to treat: So what is the treatment?  The candles we use are not like those you put on the dinner table; they are hollow tubes or cones, lit at one end, with the opposite end placed over the entrance to the ear canal.  The therapist just has to hold the candle upright and let it do the work.  And what is the work?  The gentle warmth and the energy of the flame spiral down and stimulate the body’s own energy thereby improving the lymph drainage.  This is evidenced by the fact that stomachs start to rumble almost immediately on many patients and some have to rush to the loo when the session is over. 

What is so wonderful about candling is that it is gentle and, when done properly, extremely relaxing. It is non-invasive as a candle will sit over the entrance to the ear; a cone, with its narrower base will sit just in the entrance to the ear canal.  Many therapies work for different problems and some can be quite painful.  In candling, it is the candle that does the work and it cannot, repeat cannot, do any harm at all to the patient when properly applied.  The only way it can do harm is if a poorly made candle is used by someone who doesn’t know how to do the treatment and who invariably gives out false information as to the benefits.

Another important fact is that candling, although it is non-invasive, sometimes leads to rapid results, it is relaxing, it clears the head and sinuses, it helps to relieve allergies, stimulate the intestines and give a good night’s sleep.  And that’s just candling the ears!  When a candle or even a half candle is applied elsewhere on the body, this allows for a more targeted approach to a specific area.  Painful knees have recovered; constipation has been eased, haemorrhoids have been relieved as have painful periods, headaches have disappeared before the patient is even out of the door.

Conducting a session: So how do I conduct a session?  With a new client I start by taking a case history to find out why s/he has come to see me and what other, possibly related, conditions there could be and I check for any contraindications (perforated eardrum, recent injury to the head or neck, eczema in the ear, a cochlea implant).  I explain carefully how the candles work and give every new patient an information sheet to take away and study.  The patient then lies on the treatment table on his/her back and I do a short foot and lower leg massage.  It isn’t reflexology but its aim is relaxation and it can be omitted if the patient prefers.

After the foot massage (and the hand washing) I find out which is the ‘better’ side, and that is where I start, the patient lying on the opposite side.  Why start with the best side?  Like an exam, we sort out the easy questions first and that gets our brain ticking to answer the more difficult ones.  So with candling; once the energy is flowing on the ‘better’ side, then it flows more easily on the opposite side.  When the ears have been candled the patient lies on his/her back and receives 10-15 minutes of healing, which I have been offering since the early 1990s, obtaining a diploma from the Holistic Healers Association in 2000.

It is at that point that the patient, ‘softened up’ and totally relaxed by the candle treatment, usually falls asleep.  At the end, there is invariably great reluctance on the part of the patient to move!  We take it gently so that s/he can get up slowly.  The candle has been working in the aura, the electro-magnetic field that surrounds us and someone getting up rapidly could feel light-headed although I do use a grounding oil to bring the patient back to the room.

Do patients need any prior knowledge? People don’t need to have any notion of what candling does before the session and they may not even be convinced that candles are the answer; some sceptics have excellent results.  It is not always easy to explain to people who aren’t therapists that candling is energetic rather than physical, as for many, energy and how it works is a novel concept and a bit way out.  I do explain that, as in every type of complementary therapy, we can often feel worse before feeling better.  This is because healing works from the inside and will attack the root cause of a problem, rather than relieving the symptoms, which is the case with allopathic medication.

The people who seem to receive the most rapid benefit are the sinusitis sufferers (especially if they give up dairy products).  There have also been some quick results with sleep apnoea and migraines.  We are all different, and a problem I would have expected to respond rapidly may not and something else can surprise me—and I get lots of surprises—by disappearing almost immediately

The role of the listener: Some patients need a listener and this is part of what I have been trained to do as I was a Samaritan for several years..  On the first visit I take time to see if there is anything a patient wants to discuss.  There is often a psychosomatic factor attached to any illness, so it is important to know if something has manifested as a physical condition and could be treated in a different way.  Very basic questions are: When did it start?  What was happening in your life at that time?  Have you tried anything else?

Normally I suggest three sessions over 6-8 weeks and, after the first one, the problem may appear to have worsened.  This is often a positive sign because it means that the energy has shifted and is starting to work on the root cause.  On the second visit I ask whether the patient had a good night’s sleep following the treatment, whether s/he needed to go to the loo more frequently, etc. as we would not probably connect these results with candling but they are important indicators.

Professional training: My professional course is at the convergence of two parallel lines where teaching English has intersected with my knowledge and experience of candling; it is aimed at therapists and is recognized as such.  My students practise many different disciplines and find that candling enhances each one.  I have even trained a sex therapist who had an excellent result with one of his patients. 

Why would you need a course for something so simple?  Good question.  It is not just about the treatment—and there has been negative publicity caused by people pushing candles into the ear canal and causing pain, or using cheap candles without filters which can drip and burn the patient.  Because they don’t know, they usually give wrong information as to how the candle works.  My course goes into many other aspects of candling, the background, the philosophy, the type of candles to use, why we use them, when we use them and I illustrate this with plenty of case histories and information on other natural remedies which can enhance the treatment.  Students also give and receive a treatment under supervision.

Case histories: 1: John was someone I knew from a work situation and one day he told me how his sinus problems were making his life miserable at certain times of the year.  I suggested he come for a treatment.  He did, and we made a second appointment for the following week.  He bounced in, absolutely delighted with the result so far.  That was in 2009 and he has been almost every month since as, not only can he breathe with his mouth shut, but the smell of rapeseed in bloom doesn’t make his eyes stream anymore.   The only months he misses are July and August and I know that in September he will have to jump up and rush to the loo as soon as I’ve finished. 2: Jane’s mother is an irregular patient.  She first came after a course of antibiotics left her with ringing in the ears and three sessions got rid of that.  One day she called for an appointment for her four year old daughter who had a blocked nose and sinuses which worried her as they were going on a long flight a week later.  She brought Jane along one Friday evening.  I explained that, after the treatment, her mother could hold her in her arms and I would do the healing sitting beside her, rather than doing it on the table as I normally do.  Jane lay on the table with Mum holding her hand.  We turned her gently to candle the second side and she fell fast asleep.  She slept so deeply that her mother had to shake her gently to get her to wake up.  On Monday she called and told me that Jane’s nose had dripped all the weekend and, by Sunday evening she was her normal self. 3: Jessica suffered badly from migraines.  I had worked with her several years earlier and I persuaded her to try the candles.  We did one treatment a week over a period of three weeks.  Then her busy life intervened as she has a full-time job, home and family.  She came back exactly a year later for a further treatment.  When I asked her about her migraines she told me she had had one six months previously and when I reminded her that was why she had come in the first place, she had completely forgotten.

What happens if it doesn’t ‘work’? Are there occasions when candling does not have any effect?  I’m going to say ‘no’.  There are occasions where candling has not resolved a problem and then I advise that the patient try a different therapy.  But as candling is an energy therapy, it is most certainly working on some other part of the energy system.  It may not have improved the initial condition but, as in healing, the energy will go to the part of the body that most needs it and it may not be at all where we think it is.  This is borne out by the fact that people using candles for one condition can find that something else has improved.  For example, one visitor to an exhibition told me that she had candled her partner’s ears several times as he suffered from sinusitis and he was having fewer epileptic episodes.

Who are the most receptive patients? People who listen to the messages from their bodies and who don’t push themselves beyond their limits; when they realise that something isn’t quite right, they research ways of getting back into balance.  As a general guide, it is important to eat healthy, unpolluted food, to cut down on dairy products, to get enough restful sleep, not to be trying to fit into a situation (work, social) where we’re not being true to ourselves, keeping a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook on life.  It is said that energy follows thought so believing that things will work out, even when that doesn’t appear to be the case, will help us to avoid many of the problems that plague our modern society.

Article supplied by Jili Hamilton: 

E. F. Schumacher

A New Age style philosopher, Fritz Schumacher (1911-1977) was a exponent of pacifism, monetary advisor to governments, and he created a new economics of material reductionism which cares for the planet and for people, especially those most in need in society. He was influenced by Buddhism and by Gandhi. His book 'Small is Beautiful' (1973) is based on the reasoning that less is more in a society which is generally unhappy despite its material wealth and 'A Guide for the Perplexed' is a best selling explanation of capitalism. If you are interested in the world of E F Schumacher and his two books, listed above, please follow this link:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Mandala

Mandalas are very ancient meditative designs and are international in their distribution. Their design is often circular, ornate and flowing within, to the centre and then to the outside of the boundary. Labyrinths are similar designs. The object is for meditation and to create harmony and balance within the mind. Anyone can produce their own mandalas and colour them as desired. They are especially good for children and for recuperation from mental and physical illness. If you would like to download some designs to print out, there are a variety online free of charge, such as these:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Call to Greatness - Bruce Nixon

"The 21st Century Revolution - A Call to Greatness" by Bruce Nixon is book is for people all over the world who want to prevent the environmental catastrophe and create a happier, fairer, more peaceful world. It will help you make sense of the situation, find solutions and decide how you can participate in bringing about the radical changes that are needed.

  • Climate Chaos and Destruction of the Eco-system
  • Growing Economic Injustice
  • Resolving Conflict without Violence and Valuing Difference
  • Radical Reform of out-dated Democracy
  • And, that key part, the need for “ordinary people” to inform and empower themselves.
All these are interrelated; everything is connected. For instance the tragedy of mass migration results from this mix. So this book offers whole system analysis and whole system solutions.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Whirling Dervishes

This whirling dance of the dervishes is conducted to produce a trance state where the dancers gain meditation union with the Divine. The word 'dervish' is a 'holy man' of the Islamic faith who follows the mystic path of the Sufis. The dervish, Jalal al Din Rumi, was taught whirling by Shams of Tabriz. He was a Sufi poet from Persia was born in Northern Afghanistan in 1207 and wrote 25000 poems of great wisdom and profound spirituality, often based on love and transporting the reader to mystical states. Rashad Field travelled widely through the Himalayas and also studied Sufism in Turkey where he was initiated into the Mevlevi Order of Dervishes. He is the author of a series of esoteric books which are highly recommended for those interested in mysticism. 

Weight Loss Hypnosis

This is a weight-loss hypnosis video created by Zoe Featherstone with text by Wendy Stokes. Please prepare for relaxation and don't drive or operate machinery.