Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The 'Fireworks' Moment - The Spectacular Artwork of Mark Golding

I would like to introduce Mind Body and Spirit Magazine readers to the extraordinary ‘fireworks’ mandala style artwork of Mark Golding from Lewes in South England. In addition to being a distinguished artist, Mark is a poet, writer, counsellor and philosopher. Mark has been through trauma and depression in his life and recalled the moment of wonder and delight experienced when seeing the beauty of the firework and this has inspired his incredible artwork which has a scientific and mathematical basis.
Wendy: Please tell us something about yourself and your work.
Mark Golding: "I was fully engaged with beauty and spectacle, and started to ponder as to why fireworks have such power to affect me. I called these moments, the 'Firework Moment'... For in that moment, perhaps lasting half a second, I realised I felt no fear, no doubt, no worry, no anxiety and no pain. Also, I was totally present in the moment, free from considerations of both the past and the future. In short I had no manifest suffering at that time, perhaps I even glimpsed nirvana. I watched many fireworks explode in the November night sky, and finally walked away, deep in thought.
The inspiration arose as to how the moving image of cascading explosion might be captured on paper, and to what intention the drawings might be applied. I made the decision that my illuminated drawings might serve as a form of this 'glimpse of nirvana', and for the brief duration of the experience, how a subtle, profound and meaningful message might be transmitted - in short, a blessing.
Utilising the understanding gained through my research into the functionality of the eye awareness, I formed an artistic expression whereby the 'firework moment' might be integrated with a facsimile of the distribution of photoreceptive cells in the retina, creating the equivalent of a specific pixellated drawing, to activate and stimulate consciousness, directly through my art.
'The Firework Moment' opens the mind to profound understanding, and thus able to fully integrate the realisation of a concept.
My drawings are individual, and each serves as a specific firework, though the process is built upon as I tend to work in series, or steps, whereby an entire process can be transmitted, a bit like stepping stones across the ocean. Each image carries an individual meaning, and each series presents a journey comprised of these individual components.
During and following a consultation (in person, via skype, or email), I take an empathic journey where I travel along your river of thought and experience, cross referencing where alignments occur, and also perceive where energetic blockages are located, therefore understanding your patterns of behaviour, repeating habits of thought. This will serve to increase your inner awareness, thus enabling insight and rapid growth, and initiating progress along the spiritual path. Letting go of the negative, and increased engagement with the positive is both healing and re-invigorating and will create both happiness and health."
We are delighted to present 'The Healer's Basket' by Mark Golding.  "Woven of 1000 stars - with emerald threads and sapphire knots, and held within your gentle hands - is the precious healer's basket. She holds your gatherings of healing herbs, high magic and pure imagination, as you prepare a medicine for this world.
And as you, the healer, face your awareness to your task, each sun turns inward to create a stellar crucible, to birth a pure drop of life star essence.
Eternity pauses, and breathes, as the rainbow variant medicine of healing dreams is distilled through the eternal silver wheels of bliss to initiate the ruby drop of the Goddess, held in grace. For to contemplate the healer's basket, with your soft gaze, is to know your destiny. To work wisely with your gifts and intuition, and the treasures within your soul, your healing magic is created.
Perfected, upon a moment, as you birth the seeds of the new perfection, of a world healed and renewed, as the dreams of countless souls are fulfilled, and we weep to release the world's pain.
You are the Priestess, you are the Priest: Chosen and known by the Holy Ones, since before your birth, and know your empowerment now, as you hold the precious healer's basket, deep within your heart. You are the Alchemist - As your mind becomes the Golden Consciousness, and you heal this world. Look nowhere else. You are gifted with this precious task!"
With warmest appreciation to the talented Mark Golding for this interview. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Voices of Divine Feminine

Voices of the Sacred Feminine – Conversations to Re-Shape Our World, Edited by Rev Dr Karen Tate, Published by Changemaker Books. 400 pages 
This is an anthology of specially chosen articles about the Divine Feminine, each between approx. 400 – 1,000 words in length. All articles cover some aspect of the goddess and are derived from many cultures, for instance, sacred activism, social change, planetary welfare,

Oracle Card Reading + video

The first card chosen is The Magician (El Mago) from the Dali Tarot Deck. Described as the card of ‘Personal Magic’ the energy is described as real magic which is not limited to trickery, sleight of hand, hocus-pocus or stage illusions. With this magic, we transcend the normal and become one with ourselves, with God and the world. It shows Salvador Dali himself in the central position as the magus; in front of him are many of the tools of his trade and some of his most well-known works, such as the melting clock which represents elasticity and uniqueness of our own personal view and experience of time.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What are Runes ?

Runes are letters of an alphabet that developed from extremely ancient illustrations, each of which once had a specific meaning. These gradually developed into an ancient form of writing, which can be traced back from markings that appeared on rocks as early as the neolithic period. Among the signs engraved on these early Runes were parts of the body, weapons, animals and variations on the square, circle and swastika.

Later on, these symbols became simplified into abstract hieroglyphics,  wich were composed of lines that no longer resembled specific objects. In addition to being used to communicate ideas, Runic letter images were considered so powerful and magical that they were inscribed into tools, weapons, rocks, altars and personal items. In addition, from these earliest of days, these magical markings were inscribed into wooden pieces that were thrown down and "read" as an early form of fortune telling. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Chris Street asks ‘Is London the City of Revelation?’

There have been several attempts to re-build London as ‘The New Jerusalem’. The first was by the Knights Templar who, in 1185, modelled their Temple Church in Holborn on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and sited the building exactly the same distance from St. Pauls Cathedral as the Holy Sepulchre is sited from the Dome of the Rock. Clearly they saw a connection, or wanted to create one. Approx 500 years later, following the Great Fire of London, Sir Christopher Wren conceived his own plan to re-build London as the New Jerusalem, whilst his rival, John Evelyn, devised a design for the city based upon the cabbalistic tree of life.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Resurgence Magazine is, it’s thought, the longest-running environmental magazine in Britain. Its survival so long, without millionaire backing and without turning itself into a consumer lifestyle accessory, with the advertising to match, tells a compelling story – not only of conviction, commitment and endurance but of need, role and relevance. It was founded in 1966 by John Papworth, a well-known peace campaigner with connections to the Committee of 100 and the Peace Pledge Union, but rapidly broadened its critique from the nuclear nightmare generated by the Cold War to pollution, intensive farming and food production and the related political problems of centralisation, bigness and the growing separation of economics from ethics.

Sustainability - cities leading the way! + video

Jonathon Porritt reflects on sustainability. Governments are failing to meet their responsibilities on climate change and population explosions, climate change and vital loss of trees. In the USA, it is often city mayors who are making the running, sometimes with the active support of state governors. It was Mayor Bloomberg of New York who succeeded in forcing climate change into last year’s presidential election, endorsing Barack Obama in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In China, there’s an extremely active network of eco cities, enthusiastically competing amongst themselves for government support and new industry investments.

How is money created? + video

Do you know how our money is created? Most people don’t, but it isn't complicated, says Bruce Nixon! 97% of our money is created by commercial banks when they make loans, i.e. interest bearing debt, not by the Bank of England or the Mint. Only 3% is created in the form of notes and coins. Thus the profits of creating money go to the commercial banks rather than the public purse.

Over the last 40 years commercial banks have increased the money supply at an average of 11.5% a year. And that was obviously too much, too quickly. If the increase in the money supply were say 5% a year, about £60bn a year could go to the government and reduce our taxes by that amount.

Save our Bees! + video

Despite the US and the UK resisting, bee campaigners are celebrating the European Union prohibition on the use of systemic pesticides which have been demonstrated to be toxic to bees. A total of 15 of the 27 European member states voted for a 2 year ban on neonicotinoids and 300,000 people in the UK signed a petition to bring in a ban. Most bumblebee species are declining and 6 species have suffered an 80% reduction in numbers in recent years. In the past 100 years, 20 British bee species have become extinct and 35 British bees are currently at risk of extinction. This is due to several factors, not just the chemicals which reduce their immune system capabilities, but loss of habitat plays a large role as does the removal of honey from hives and replacing it with sugar water which provides none of the valuable nutrients for bees throughout the winter, and does not provide the antibacterial that is needed for them to fight diseases. With 98% of wild flower meadows vanishing since 1950, we need to plant flowers that will help bees to thrive. They play a crucial role in plant pollination.  

Playing for Change

What is the New Age? + video

Interview with Eckhart Tolle on his path to enlightenment. So what is the New Age about? This term means different things to different people, just as the word ‘spirituality’ means different things to different people. Terms need to be defined if we are to be able to understand each other. The New Age is a time of great atomisation, as it applauds individuality and everyone’s right to define the world as they please. It is a huge worldwide movement, made possible by the explosion of free information which is available on the internet. Many spiritual seekers find themselves getting lost in its vastness and some become cynical about its more trivial aspects. Some find some things of value within its strengths and weaknesses.

Praise For The Human Mind + video

Humanity lays claim to a physical mind that it does not have, and cannot be found anywhere in the body.It is a mistaken belief that the mind is located within the physical body. The mind is that part of our personality which gives us individuality and conscious thought. Awareness and reason comes from the conscious mind. The mind however, can never be found. Many people believe the mind is located in the brain-it is not! The brain is just a processor-it processes sensory information from the rest of the body. The mind is separate from the body, and is a collective mind-it is shared by all things-it is the "One Mind."

Disappearing Wildlife Red Alert + video

In 1979, Africa had 1,300,000 wild Elephants, today, there are 400,000 alive and the land is guarded by park rangers and it is estimated more than 1,000 rangers have been killed by armed militia groups in the past ten years trying to protect them.
23tonnes of Elephant Ivory was confiscated in 2012 - equivalent to the tusks of 2,500 Elephants. Seizures of illegal ivory are at their highest for 20 years  The price of Rhino horn has increased to £37.500 per kilogram, twice the price of gold and platinum (and more valuable than black market diamonds or cocaine). The illegal trade in wildlife is one of the most lucrative trades in the world, worth £6,000,000,000 per year and is ruthless in its quest. Animals are viciously killed and people are also killed. . This trade is fueled by the new middle classes of the Far East, Vietnam is the top destination point for Rhino horn where they trade in carcass, tusk and horn, in one haul 1,200 Rhino tusks were seized in Hong Kong. Approx 5,000 Rhinos remain in the wild.  

Spiritual theatre or deluded attention seekers in London! Video and article

‘Teen Exorcists’ is a documentary which was filmed, produced and directed by Dan Murdoch for BBC TV and shown in September. It features three teenage girls; Brynne Larson, daughter of self-styled Arizonan exorcist, Rev Bob Larson, and her two friends who are sisters, Tess and Savannah Sherkenback. These three girls wear high-heels, skin-tight jeans and leather jackets and have long hair which tumbles in curls down their back. With their red lip-stick and mascara, these stars of the show provide sex appeal and glamour to the exorcism road show with choreographed moves, polished poses for the camera and a well-rehearsed, repetitive spiel. With attempts to spark a revival in exorcism, Bob introduced Brynne to exorcisms at the age of 13 at a 3,000 person African event when he needed help to remove a Voodoo curse. Brynne was home schooled (in demonology) and tells viewers that she believes that God created the world in 7 days ‘It’s pretty cool’ she remarks and explains that demons have names like Jezebel and Abaddon and that London is ‘spiritually corrupt’ and one of the most Satanic cities in the world. Thrusting a cross into someone’s face, the girls scream ‘What’s your name?’ ‘I torment you’, and put extraordinary ideas of curses into the heads of vulnerable people. The reporter describes the scene of bullying and resultant screaming as ‘harrowing’. On a visit to the Ukraine, the group top the bill at a bible college event where 2,000 people gathered to see the spectacle.  

Global Sale of Fur at an All Time High!

Top fashion models, such as Naomi Campbell, who do not get out of bed for less than a £10,000 daily fee at one time pledged they would never wear fur and would rather go naked. But 400 of the world's up-market designers are using animal pelts for fashion on the cat-walks of London, Paris, Milan and New York, dressing high paid models in furs costing five figure sums. The UK fur market has more than doubled with Britain's leading fur retailer, Hockley, increasing sales by 44% in its London store over the past ten years. Mulberry, Gucci, Fendi and others are stocking winter collections. London is now the fastest growing market in Europe and sales in Asia are booming at £3.7 billion per year. World sales in fur reached £10.3 billion last year.

Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon Launch Artists Against Fracking + video

Artists Against Fracking has been launched by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon as a new coalition of artists, musicians, filmmakers and public figures opposed to hydraulic fracking. The growing coalition now includes more than 180 members, including Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Anne Hathaway, Alec Baldwin, Marina Abramovic, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Sherman, MGMT, Wilco, Bonnie Raitt, Liv Tyler, Mario Batali, Roberta Flack, Robert De Niro, Mark Ruffalo, Uma Thurman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and many others. The full list is at

The group will work to expose and stop the harmful and contaminating practice of fracking for natural gas and oil through mass awareness and peaceful democratic action. Yoko and Sean were compelled into action by Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent announcement that fracking might soon begin in New York.

A Better World is Possible + video

Circle Network Book Review: A Better World is Possible by Bruce Nixon, ISBN: 978-1-84694-514-4 Published by: O-Books as Paperback: £14.99 and E book: £8.23 409 pages Author’s website:

Bruce Nixon is a veteran change agent, activist, writer, speaker, facilitator and business school teacher and he is passionate about sustainability, global justice, inclusive democracy and non-violence. In this comprehensive book, he brings all his knowledge and experience into the analysis of the state we are in, how we got here, and – more importantly – how we can turn things around and create a new and positive society by facing “the biggest challenge in our history”.

Mexican Birds + Video

It's easy to separate animals from their natural habitats when you've only seen them in zoos. Not to say that you should go seek dangerous animals in the wild, of course, but it can be a thrill to see even the smallest and tamest exotic animals in their native homes. If you're on vacation in Mexico, keep an eye out for these birds.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

All About Agave + video

Alcohol has been made by humans since ancient times. Perhaps humans witnessed the effects of the consumption of nearly rotten fruit, on some ancient animals, and decided to experiment themselves. Even today animals in Africa have been witnessed getting drunk on the fallen, half fermented fruits of a particular tree, as they rot in the sun. Sugars are broken down in the natural process of fermentation as they are consumed by yeast. At some point in history, humans decided to start fermenting things deliberately, and experimented with making alcohol out of a variety of plant sources. European tribes used grapes, which were very easy to grow, and which did well in the climate; it was a simple matter for them to make wine. In ancient times, in what is today Mexico, another plant was used for alcohol production. That plant is a succulent and is known as the agave.

The Right Moment in Time - Ancient Toltec Practices for the shift from the 5th to the 6th Sun

Many people know of the work of Carlos Castaneda and about his training with a Yaqui (Man of Knowledge) from Mesoamerica. He brought forth, to the Western world, a glimmer of the Toltec Shamanistic path in the 1970’s. But now, for the first time in history, the fullness of a Toltec Shamanistic path is being presented -- teachings, ceremonies, practices, postures, dances, philosophy, prophecy and an in-depth understanding of the mathematics of the cosmos and how this all relates to human consciousness and the Mesoamerican calendars.  You will find it all in this new book by Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl called, 2012 – 2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl.